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Miriam Chesner Looks at Popular Brazilian Cultural Celebrations & Occasions

Miriam Chesner Looks at Popular Brazilian Cultural Celebrations & Occasions From Dia de Tiradentes to Nossa Senhora Aparecida, and alongside internationally recognized celebrations such as Christmas, or Natal, and New Year’s Day, or Ano Novo, Brazil celebrates a number of special and often unique occasions, according to Miriam Chesner. A New York University graduate and […]

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Miriam Chesner New Jersey Explores The Rise of Tourism in Peru

Growing faster than in any other South American country, Miriam Chesner New Jersey talks tourism in Peru Behind only fishing and mining, tourism is now Peru’s third largest industry. This, says Miriam Chesner New Jersey, is largely thanks to its many archaeological monuments. As well as plentiful adventure, cultural, beach, and gastronomic tourism opportunities. So-called […]

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Miriam Chesner Jersey shares details of ESL training and education

Miriam Chesner Jersey Teaching the English language to non-native speakers, ESL education is popular both in the U.S. and globally.   “The future,” suggests Miriam Chesner Jersey , who’s also a Spanish teacher and an expert on South American culture, “is bright for ESL educators, particularly in the United States.” With an estimated 10 percent […]

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